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Do you have an Inner Critic or Inner Voice that shows up at the most inopportune times?


Are you constantly plagued with outdated messages and negative self-talk rooted in past experiences and aimed at knocking you off your perch?


Are you in tune with the specific people and circumstances that increase your inner chatter?


Is the message you are receiving reminiscent of childhood criticisms designed to stand in the way of embracing your authenticity?


Do invisible Nay Sayers keep you from achieving your personal best?


Are you so tired and frustrated of these invisible critics blocking your path that you wish you could fire them?


If you answered positively to the majority of these questions, you are most likely sharing the stage with an Inner Critic!


Intervention is on the way and no firing will be required! At the CRITIC CATCHER sm workshop, we will have fun while learning how to harness the power of our inner critics. By befriending our skeptics while embracing their messages, we will break free! Ultimately, we learn to leverage and gain a deeper understanding of the obstacles that stand in the way of reaching our true potential!


In this workshop we will:


  • Get in touch with what your Inner Voice or Critic saying.

  • Examine which circumstances bring them around most.

  • Dig Deep to discover who or what do they remind you of.

  • Bring them to life by describing them with as much detail as possible.

  • Humanize them by drawing them and giving them a name.

  • Create a list of things you can say to send them packing.

  • Through introspection, learn to leverage their messages.


Inner Critics

Inner Voice

Negative Self-Talk

Humanize Skeptics

Befriend Skepticism

Leverage Messages

Outdated Scripts

Embrace Your Critic

Counterbalance Messages

Break Free

Limiting Message

Restrictive Beliefs


Overcome Obstacles

Positive Affirmations

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.

~ Eleanor Roosevelt

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