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Empowered Possibilities Coaching - Mindfulness
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How present are you when show up for meetings, for customers and at home?

Do you have a methodology for quieting your mind when everything else around you is spinning out of control?

Do you have a sustainability practice that resonates both you authentic self and translates to both your home and workplace?

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Coaching + Action =SUCCESS!

  • Learn techniques to Quiet the Mind, Become More Present, and Bring Clarity to Complex Issues. 

  • Remain Calm in any circumstance

  • Increase personal power.

  • Share your Authentic Self with the world.

  • Practice Paying it Forward.

  • Generate Sustainability Practices at work and at home. 

Let’s work together to HARNESS YOUR POSITIVE ENERGY and create PRESENCE & FOCUS!


In our over-stimulating, hyper-demanding world, we need to strategies for shutting out the noise and turning off the chatter in our minds.

Together, we will expand your capacity to show up and focus on what matters and develop sustainability practices with benefits that resonate throughout your personal and professional life.   

​Become truly present for your teammates, organizations, friends and family; take this clarity with you whether at work or at home.

  • Balancing Act: Swap Energy Zappers for Energy Fillers.

  • Emotional Flip: Reverse Negative Emotions.

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