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Process - EMP2 Empowered Possibilities Coaching


NOUN    |    [prəʊsɛs]


  1. a series of actions that produce a change or development

  2. a method of doing or producing something

  3. a forward movement

  4. the course of time

  5. to subject to a routine procedure; handle

  6. to treat or prepare by a special method

Process is the Third Stage of the EMP2 Methodology.

What systems and processes do you have in place to push your organization to the next level?

Does your organization work like a well-oiled machine or is one department often surprised to discover another’s actions with little time for recourse?

Is Interdepartmental communication robust and productive or muddied with finger pointing and innuendos?

Are the proper checks and balances in place?  Do checklists ensure projects flow through departments and timelines are met successfully?

What to expect during this phase:


  • Interdepartmental Communication

  • Process Mapping

  • Systems Review

  • Crucial Conversations

  • Checks & Balances

  • Task Force Formation

  • Team Building

  • Story Telling

  • Case Studies

  • Feedback

Interdepartmental Communication

“Making a list and checking it twice is the only way to guarantee project completion and ultimate success!”

Process Mapping - EMP2 Empowered Possibilities Coaching