Can you identify a time in your life where you felt like an imposter?

Are limiting beliefs getting in the way achieving your goals?

Does your “Inner Critic” block your path while,   “Little Voices” whisper instructions in your ear second guessing your every move? 

Do you apologize for things you have not done and fail to say no when necessary?

Are you making the proper work life choices?  Are your days and hours being sucked into a vortex of energy zapping confidence draining activities?

Have you created a posse of champions, allies, board members and sponsors? Simultaneously, Identified and eliminated your blockers, opponents and weak links?


Confidence is the key to success, yet so many of us suffer from limiting beliefs, and interfering imposter syndromes.   Others have long winded conversations with meddling inner critics before even leaving the house or making a single move!  Today is the day to fight back and declare Infinite Confidence.  In a fun and safe environment we will explore and learn how to set boundaries, and stop apologizing for things we have and have not done. Practice saying no when appropriate and surround ourselves with a posse of strong like-minded individuals while expanding our Circle of Influence.  Through skills obtained at this workshop we will acquire the knowledge necessary to make empowering work life choices, while sharing tips and strategies to build limitless self- confidence.


In this workshop we will:


  • Explain and Identify the Imposter Syndrome

  • Limiting beliefs: How they are holding us back?  

  • Name, Describe, Leverage our “Inner Critic” , and their message

  • Conduct Employee/Personal Evaluations

  • Build a Circle of Influence

  • Identify Energy Zappers/Energy Fillers

  • Examine Work Life Choices                    

  • No Apology Required!

  • Create Healthy Boundaries                            

  • Practice Confidence Building Tips

  • Increase our Confidence Vocabulary!                          


Don’t Apologize

Set Boundaries

Limiting Beliefs

Imposter syndrome

Inner Critics

Work Life Choices

Energy Fillers

Energy Zappers

Circles of Influence

Employees Evaluations

Personal Evaluations


Board Members/Allies


Confidence Tips

Confidence Vocabulary

Confidence is something you create within yourself by believing who YOU are.

~ Simone Biles