Have you finally landed the promotion you desire, yet sit at your desk asking, “Now what?”


Are you in before everyone else, yet look at the ticking clock and wonder where the day has gone? 


Have you instituted an open door policy and find yourself cramming your sandwich down in between meetings, emergencies and interruptions?


Do you fail to articulate no, and as a result fail to complete your own projects?


Have you finally been invited into the coveted Executive meeting, yet are afraid to raise your hand or, even worse, communicate?  Do you understand the concept of Executive Presence?  Do you have what it takes to claim your rightful seat at the table?


You have been invited into the circle of Management Elite, yet feel that you are in the High School cafeteria? 


Do you ponder how your will renegotiate existing relationships with peers that are now your direct reports?


Are you at an occupational crossroad and want to explore if leadership is for you? Are you questioning why you put in for the latest promotion at all?


Do you suffer from Imposter Syndrome and wonder when you will be found out?


If these questions spark your attention, you may be in need of the support required to fully leverage your leadership role.


Have no fear, today you have been accepted into Leader In University!  In a fun and safe environment, we will share our fears, limiting beliefs and present experience entering into the world of leadership.   I will share tips, tricks and secrets for navigating office politics as well as accepting and leveraging feedback.  Together, we will practice new strategies to foster changing relationships, embrace new status and fully leverage the Leader In University!


In this workshop we will:


  • Examine and renegotiate current peer and executive relationships.

  • Define rules for setting boundaries and learn when to articulate no.

  • Combat the Imposter Syndrome and fully accept your new status.

  • Discuss methods for adopting and incorporating time management skills into your life.

  • Survey how you currently present yourself and develop Executive Presence.

  • Scrutinize and determine your current contributions to teams and meetings

  • Deliberate and debate when to raise your hand and when to sit it out.

  • Formulate personal meeting norms, such as when you need to find your voice and when it is best to listen.

  • Discuss tips for finding and understanding the difference between mentors and sponsors

  • Uncover and share tips for build your Personal Board of Directors, Mastermind Groups and Life Lines.

  • Adopt a new mantra, Network, Network, Network!

  • Learn to accept and manage feedback.

  • Recognize and navigate office politics and varied corporate culture.

  • Learn to walk the tight-rope between holding people accountable, while not micromanaging.

  • Examine and create leadership paths in line with values, goals and current life circumstances.

  • Discuss Work/Life choices necessary to create and maintain balance.

  • Share tips, tricks and secrets for maintaining leadership best practices.



Articulating No

Managing Up

Interpersonal Communication


Renegotiating Relationships

Office Politics

Executive Presence

Meeting Norms

Time Management



Team Building




If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.

~ John Quincy Adams

Unleash your true potential!

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