The world is moving at a very fast pace.  What are you doing to keep in step?


Every day we hear of corporate mergers, downsizing and restructures. What actions are you taking to rewrite your script to ensure you do not wind up on the cutting room floor?


Would you go on a road trip without a destination, map, gas, and provisions?  Do you step out into the ocean with your eyes closed and let the first wave knock you over and spin you around? Then why would you do this in life and your career?


What actions and steps are you prepared to set in motion immediately to ensure you are ready to embrace any and all of life's changes, challenges, unlikely events and circumstance?


Whether your ship has sailed off course, you have hit a speed bump on your career highway, or you are just plain ready to take the next fork in the road; you will need a solid plan, strategy, tools and a road map for your journey through change. Having a contingency plan is not only practical but can give you he confidence required to leverage and improve your current circumstances.


In this workshop we will explore present blockers and unearth hidden and required skills necessary to create a well thought out future strategy.


In this workshop we will discuss:


  • Fears and blockers to honestly viewing our current circumstances

  • Strengths, Passions and our  "Awesomeness"  Factor

  • Personal  Vision & Mission Statements

  • Improving your Value Proposition

  • Networking, Networking, Networking and more Networking

  • Life Lines, Personal Boards (Accountability Partners) & Brand Ambassadors 

  • Complacency Vs. Relevancy 

  • Volunteering: Give and Learn

  • Stepping out: Leaving your Comfort Zone

  • Personal Branding & Executive Presence

  • Functional Resumes: Less can be more

  • Creating an Action Matrix & Smart Goals 

  • Self Care:  The importance of Taking Breaks



Fears & Blockers



“Awesomeness” Factor

Personal Vision

Mission Statements

Value Proposition


Personal Boards

Accountability Partners




Personal Branding

Executive Presence


Breakthrough Barriers

Beyond Comfort Zones

“Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over it became a butterfly”.

~ William James