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Who are your mentors?


Who has helped shape your career? Conversely, who have you influenced and pushed up the corporate ladder?

Doesn’t mentoring start in early childhood?

Who are your earlier influences and who are you influencing in return?

Isn’t mentoring crucial to personal development and building confidence?  Aren’t these two elements vital to success?!

If you want a formal mentor or if you want to develop a mentoring relationship organically, would you know how to go about it?


If you did have the gumption to avail yourself of a mentor would you know how to maximize the relationship?  How you can be the best mentor possible?


In the Mentoring with Meaning Workshop, we will examine the intricate balance of finding, developing and maximizing mentoring relationships.  In a non- threatening environment, we will discuss fears and blockers you may have encountered in the past that have kept you from fully leveraging past mentoring relationships and experiences.


What we will cover in this workshop:


  • What Mentoring Is and Isn’t

  • Setting the stage, Your Early Influencers

  • Making the Distinction: Sponsors, Coaches & Mentors

  • Finding Mentors Naturally, It’s Organic

  • Is a Formal Mentoring Program for You?

  • The Secret Sauce, Trust

  • The Touch Stuff, Crucial Conversations & Feedback

  • It is Nothing Without Accountability

  • Establishing the Mentoring Relationship

  • Share Best Mentoring Tips!

  • The Importance of Paying It Forward!

Mentors Vs. Sponsors

Early Influencers

Paying It Forward

Formal Mentoring

Organic Mentoring


Crucial Conversations

Building Trust


Touch Stuff

Tips & Pitfalls

Commitment & Heart

“If you light a path for someone, it will also brighten your own path.” 

~ Proverb

“In learning you will teach and in teaching you will learn.” 

~ Phil Collins

“Be the mentor you wish you had.” 

~ Unknown

Unleash your true potential!

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