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EMP2 - Empowered Possibilities


Powerful Possibilities Signature Workshops have been mindfully created to unearth the collective energy of a group.


Collaboratively, we will work through challenging topics such as personal branding, combating inner critics, creating work life balance, building networks, leadership and changing negative emotions into positive ones. Since life is about choice, I offer an option to mix, match and create your own workshop though the Personal Possibility workshop program.


Suitable for any venue, these inspiring and informative workshops can be tailored to fit any situation or occasion. Any place, anytime you want to inspire or enhance a group, these dynamic workshops are sure to add value. Perfect for seminars, off-sites, lunch and learn, meeting enhancement, luncheons, breakfasts, informal gatherings, keynotes, webinars and conferences.


I will be your guide on a journey of introspection, sharing, discovery and learning. Join me in a safe and fun environment, conducive to unleashing the true potential in you, your group or team.

Ask me about my Coaching Jumpstart Workshop Packages

Managing Emotions

Creating Optimism

Building Networks

Personalized Workshops

Meeting Enhancement

Meaningul Content

Work Life Balance

Managing Feedback

Personal Branding

Leadership Skills

Keynotes & Ice Breakers

Personal Strategy Plans

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