Powerful Possibilities Coaching Tip of the Week: Make a “won’t do” list.

Is your to-do list weighing you down? This week why not create a “won’t do” list?


Here is mine:

  • I will not say yes when I should say no!

  • I will not let fear stand in the way of stepping out of my #ComfortZone.

  • I will not let my inner critic take over and will accept constructive criticism.

  • I will not over-schedule and will make time for myself.

  • I will not eat lunch at my desk and will make time to socialize with my colleagues.

  • I will not be too busy to make time for my friends.

  • I will not grab for the first thing I see and will make conscience choices when choosing my meals and snacks.

  • I will not reach for the snooze button and roll back to bed instead of taking my exercise class before work.

  • I will not be afraid of new experiences that will make me grow and expand.

  • I will not let life’s bumps in the road get in the way of being happy and fulfilled!

What won’t you do this week? I would love to know…

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