Life does have a PAUSE BUTTON!


Life does have a pause button, it is called choice! How many of you have spent countless wasted hours wishing you had a rewind button? We all replay the scenes of our lives over and over, wishing we had done things differently, or berating ourselves for what we said. If only we spoke up at the meeting! Why did I wear that outfit you ponder? No wonder I was not taken more seriously! I can't believe I did not take that job when it was offered. Would I have been further in my career today if I did things differently? You are not in a relationship of your liking today and beat yourself up for the dates that you did not take seriously or the times you said no. Do you also covet the idea of a fast forward button? You wish your life away every time you do not stop to be totally present in the moment. You miss an opportunity to learn when you do not truly understand that everything happens for a reason and all will be fine in the end. After all if it isn't is it truly the end? I have the wisdom today to not regret the things that I "perceived" had gone wrong. These are life's turning points, challenges and opportunities for growth that have formed me and have given me tenacity and grit! By learning to now press pause, I can embrace the lesson and prepare for better times and things to come. I have become insightful enough to not wish my life away by only focusing on the means to an. I experience each moment and day completely. I embrace all that is and live each day and moment to the fullest. I encourage you to do the same. Enjoy your life exactly as it is today. Live each day and experience to the fullest. Trust that all is as it is suppose to be at this very moment in time. I for one look forward to all that will be. I am open to all that is possible. Today, I choose to embrace my power of choice, and my ability to exercise my pause button.

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