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Are you failing to see what is truly going on around you?

Do you take into account internal and external threats, environment, and timing when electing your strategy for addressing your current work situation?

Do you know the difference between being assertive and being aggressive?

Are your in touch with your must haves, deal breakers and preferences?

Can you pinpoint your allies and champions?  Have you eliminated your weak links and opponents?

How do you keep cool, stay calm, and “level the playing field” when the stakes are high and tensions are even higher?

Do you have the confidence to exude Executive Presence, yet understand the Power of Edge?


Through clearer understanding and practice one can understand just how far to push the envelope.


Let us combat our fears together!  During the Power of Edge Workshop we will transverse the tightrope of true power, while navigating the landmines we all encounter along the way. In a fun and safe environment, we will hone new strategies for becoming solid observers, undaunted negotiators, and masters of our environment and interpersonal relationships.


In this workshop we will:


  • Learn to consider Internal and External Threats 

  • Become keenly aware of your Environment and Timing 

  • Understand your Must Have, Would Be Nice, Deal Breakers 

  • Learn to assess your line-up:

    • Allies, Key Players, Weak Links, Opponents, Infiltrators, Moles

  • Increase and Create your Personal Network:

    • Champions, Board Members 

  • Learn the art of keen observation 

  • Hone Active Listening Skills

  • Appreciate the Power of Edge between Assertive and Aggressive behavior 

  • Increase Executive Presence Skills 

Gain the ability to discern

Executive Presence

The Power of Edge

Assertive vs Aggressive

Active Listening

Internal Threats

External Threats


Key Players & Champions

Weak Links & Opponents

Environment & Timing

Must Have

Would Be Nice

Deal Breakers 

"Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win."

~ Sun Tzu, The Art of War

Unleash your true potential!

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