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Powerful Possibilities Coaching Tip of the week: Listen to Your Body!

“The body never lies.”

~Martha Graham


Our body often sends us very clear messages; nevertheless, we often fail to listen!

Yesterday after endurance spin class, followed by an hour of strenuous yoga, I stood up and my knee buckled. My initial reaction should have been, “What if I really hurt myself”? It was however, “Oh no, how will I make it to my aerial yoga class that evening”? Even I, a professed adrenalin junkie and avid yoga practitioner knows how ridiculous this sounds!

“Most of us have become deaf to our own bodies, which is why we are out of tune.”

~Terri Guillemets

I opted to honor my body and cancel my evening class. I accepted an invitation to join a friend for a cup of coffee and I immediately iced my knee. After resting a bit, I continued my Sunday morning food shopping ritual but I did it with caution. I realized that if I only went to one store instead of two separate markets for groceries, fruits and vegetables the world would not come to an end. We would still eat. What’s more, I could be home and off my feet even quicker.

I honored my body, did what I needed to do, and even reached out to my family for help with completing my Sunday chores.

I lived in the moment; resting, reading, and thoroughly enjoying my day!

Fall Beauty

What is your body telling you? Are you mindful and listening to what it is trying to say?

This week I challenge you to heed these messages:

1. If you feel tired stop and take a break. Maybe cancel your evening plans, and opt for a better night’s sleep. 2. If you feel hungry or weak, listen to your cravings. Eat a wholesome well balanced meal. Remember to have lots of healthy snacks on hand. 3. Do you feel uncomfortable in your surroundings? Contemplate the reason, and then set the appropriate boundary. 4. When you feel anxious, take a breath. Perhaps consider starting a meditation practice. 5. Feel run down? Getting sick? Pamper yourself. 6. Are you lethargic? Take a walk. Commit to an exercise program. Remember too much of a good thing can be harmful. If your body dictates, take a break or plan an easy work-out. 7. Do you feel scattered? Regroup, organize and de-clutter your environment. I am glad I honored my body today. Who knows I might sleeping in tomorrow and giving myself one more day of rest.

“Sometimes your body is smarter than you are.”

~Author Unknown

Make it a great week ……… Take a step toward “Unleashing your True Potential”!

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